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Welcome to ConnexFM Xperiences:

Where Networking Meets Adventure

Are you tired of the same old routine at roundtable meetings and trade shows? Are you looking for something more than just exchanging business cards and sitting through endless presentations? Look no further than ConnexFM Xperiences – the ultimate fusion of networking and adventure exclusively for ConnexFM members!

ConnexFM Xperiences are not your typical industry events. These are a series of interactive experiences designed to bring ConnexFM members together in exciting and unconventional ways. Our goal is simple: to provide a platform where members can connect, network, and explore potential business opportunities all while engaging in fun and memorable activities.

From boat tours to fly fishing expeditions, from winery visits to racing spectacles, ConnexFM Xperiences offer a diverse range of experiences to suit every taste. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a laid-back networker, there's something for everyone.

What is a ConnexFM Xperience?

Toronto Boat Cruise

ConnexFM Xperience:

June 20, 2024 | 3pm - 6pm EST 
Toronto, Canada

Embark on a 3-hour boat tour on the picturesque Lake Ontario. Enjoy breathtaking views, appetizers, drinks and, most importantly, invaluable networking opportunities with fellow ConnexFM members. Don't miss this chance to make lasting connections while experiencing the beauty of Toronto Bay.

There are no limitations on available tickets for this event, so open registration for ConnexFM members is included. Click below to complete your registration online to attend.

  • MSFM Member Price: $29

  • Supplier Member Price: $99

Thank you to our Xperience event sponsor:

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Boat Cruise

ConnexFM Xperience:

Fly Fishing Expedition

August 5, 2024 - August 8, 2024
Boxwood Gulch, Colorado (near Denver)

Escape to the serene Boxwood Gulch Ranch near Denver, Colorado, for a 4-day fly fishing and leadership retreat. This all-inclusive experience includes airfare, transportation, a leadership seminar, expert guides, top-quality gear, and two rounds of thrilling fly fishing. Immerse yourself in nature, hone your leadership skills, and forge meaningful connections with fellow members in this idyllic setting. 

This event is limited to 12 attendees including 6 suppliers and 6 multi-site FM members. Please review How to Sign-Up below to learn more about getting a spot for this exclusive Xperience. 

Fly Fishing Expedition

How to Sign Up

Although some of the ConnexFM events and "Xperiences" have the ability to allow for large groups, many of the ConnexFM Xperiences cater to intimate gatherings, fostering stronger connections and interactions among participants. We offer two avenues for signing up as a FM or Supplier member:

Supplier Members: Become part of the pool of interested supplier sponsors for your desired event. If selected, you'll secure an all-inclusive ticket for yourself and a chosen FM member to join the experience.

Facilities Management Members: Enroll in the pool of interested FM attendees for your desired event. If chosen, you'll receive an all-inclusive ticket to join the experience.

Supplier Members will be selected from each event pool to be the event sponsors, while FM Members will be chosen by the sponsoring suppliers. Click below and sign-up to be part of these unforgettable Xperiences.

  • How do I register to attend the Toronto Boat Tour event?
    Registration for the Toronto Boat Tour in currently online on the ConnexFM website. Click here to find the registration form.
  • What is the cost to attend the Boat Tour?
    Attendance is for ConnexFM members only. For supplier members = $99 per person For FM members = $29 per person
  • What is there is rainy weather during the Toronto Boat Tour event?
    This cruise is RAIN OR SHINE. There is both inside and outside space available on the boat for members to enjoy.
  • What is the schedule for the Toronto Boat Tour event?
    The boat tour event is a 3-hour boat cruise Board Time: 3-3:30pm ET Cruise Time: 3:30-5:30pm ET ** Cruise departs at 3:30 , No Exceptions** EndingTime: at 6:00pm ET
  • What's included for members attending the Fly Fishing Expedition?
    For members who sign up and are selected for the Fly Fishing Expedition, the following will be included for all attending members: Flight transportation to/from your local airport to the event location Airport transportation to/from local airport and event location Accommodations All food/drink All event access & tools needed All event transportation to/from event location and accommodations
  • How do I register to attend?
    Due the limited capacity of the Xpereince, ConnexFM will be providing a "pool" option for both supplier and FM members to attend. Please review the How to Sign Up section and click through to submit the interest form for Suppliers or MSFM.
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